Our treatment is unique.


We believe that functional rehabilitation requires creativity, flexibility, outstanding communication, and an enthusiasm for problem solving. We will help you achieve real life goals in academic, vocational, social, or home settings.

Therapy at home

Therapy at home makes sense. It allows for more functional and efficient intervention. That is why we treat clients in their personal environment, outside the walls of hospitals or clinics.

Team of experienced professionals

We know every family is different and requires individual attention. That is why we hand-pick a core team of therapists with decades of experience and a desire to never stop learning. A consistent team of therapists builds trust and lets you focus on what is important to you.

A collaborative approach

Family is part of the team. This creates an atmosphere of collaboration and integration of the client’s strengths and challenges and helps carry therapeutic intervention into every day activities and routines. We also proudly collaborate with other professionals including physicians, vocational counselors, schools, neuropsychologists, nutrition counselors, and case managers.